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Online Interaction Continuum

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Interaction Continuum

Interaction Continuum

The Interaction Continuum is a spectrum of ways of interacting defined between Divergent and Convergent interaction.

Interaction here includes communication, but is NOT LIMITED TO communication.

The higher the amount of online interactions, the more this continuum becomes relevant.

Divergent interaction happens when tasks and work are DIVIDED among people and information is exchanged in an exclusive, selective way between people, thus separating them into subgroups. Typical example: E-Mail interactions.

Convergent interaction happens, when tasks and work are SHARED among people and information is exchanged in an inclusive, open way between people, thus uniting them into one community. Typical example: E-Platform interactions.


Author: Marco Bettoni

From 1977 to 2005 I have been researcher, engineer and lecturer with industrial and academic organisations in machine design, engineering education, IT development, knowledge engineering and knowledge management. Since 2005 my research focuses on E-Collaboration, Communities of Practice and Knowledge Cooperation (www.weknow.ch). I like to share knowledge with everyone and I am interested in pretty much everything. Hobby since 1981: research in Knowledge Theory from a Radical Constructivist point of view, especially Kantian Criticism. I enjoy reading ancient Greek philosophy, sailing, walking, cooking (italian, greek) and dinner with friends, especially in Greek restaurants. Motto: We need to be the change we wish to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi)

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