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If your workplace is as an experience.

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How does a work environment look like, when your workplace is as an experience, and your company is a community?

Two weeks before my summer holidays in California, I came across with an article of Jeanne Meister in FORBES about an extraordinary workplace that Airbnb is building for and with their employees. She calls it the “workplace as an experience”. It means that all the elements of work—the physical, the emotional, the intellectual, the virtual, and the aspirational—are carefully orchestrated to inspire employees and keep them engaged and happy.

Not to miss the opportunity to experience that special workplace myself, I wrote an email to  Brain Chesky, the co-founder and CEO of Airbnb,  for asking him to give me a tour of their premises. Two weeks later I found myself in front of a white building on 888 Brannan Street, the headquarters of Airbnb in San Francisco. Jason and Casey (photo), a workplace environment team, were waiting for me to give me an excited tour around their workplace and to share with me the feeling of #BelongAnywhere . The visit of the Airbnb workplace was definetly a memorable experience  and one of highlights of my summer holiday in S.F.

In the article of Jeanne MeisterAirbnb Chief Human Resource Officer Becomes Chief Employee Experience Officer” you will learn,

  • How Airbnb is building a “workplace as an experience” with their employees,
  • How the employees are engaged in the workplace,
  • How the corporate culture can be brought to life through workplace environments.

And what does “a workplace as an experience” mean for you? Please, comment or share some thoughts on this topic here!




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